Costs for the Cenegenics program


People usually come to Cenegenics to increase energy, lose weight, look better, feel better and improve their sex lives. Another life-saving benefits including the reduction of disease risk, particularly CVD. – See Benefits of Cenegenics here – With Cenegenics individual programs, we were able to achieve the level of health and fitness in our patients significantly reduces the risk of CVD and all causes of death other than an accident.

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Many people ask how much should be issued for the Cenegenics program. Cenegenics is not cheap, and it’s not covered by health insurance, although the cost could be lower if a patient’s blood work is handled by his general practitioner, and some patients who already have an appropriate prescription from their internist to combat some of the problems. The Cenegenics fee for inspection of the day is $ 2,995, and about a third of the cost of paying for extensive lab.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. More than 30% of the time, the first symptom is a heart attack or stroke is real. That is why it is called the “silent killer.” The good news is heart disease can be prevented with proper screening, testing and active prevention. You can use Cenegenis program to prevent heart disease. Basically, Cenegenics’ latest Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program is designed to evaluate the cardiovascular risk using the latest state-of-the-art laboratories and testing the most comprehensive available.
Cenegenics is taking a proactive approach by offering the most advanced, comprehensive CVD screening program available. Cenegenics do almost cooperation with Panasonic Healthcare Group, Berkley HeartLab and Cleveland HeartLab to offer Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program. This will include the latest ultrasound technology to look artery intima and medial layers of the carotid thickness (CIMT). This allows us to detect early signs of CVD.
In addition, this program will include the screening of blood for at least three genetic markers, 4 inflammatory markers, and advanced lipid panel with 12 areas measured (as opposed to 4 of testing in conventional medical offices). This allows us to target specific areas of need for each individual to search for arterial plaques that can signal heart disease and a high risk of stroke.

At the end of the day, the patient received a notebook with lab results, educational materials, and recommendations for diet, exercise and supplements over-the-counter. Some patients decide to take it from there itself, and can be switched to their regular doctor for follow-up. Binford stressed that if the prescription is recommended, including prescription hormones, he will not write them unless the patient continues with Cenegenics program.

Cenegenics patients who continue to pay quarterly “professional services” up to $ 750, which guarantees access to Binford blankets and other health professionals in practice. “You can use us as much as you want. I have patients, who come in every week, and then I have patients who are traveling or living outside of Nashville, and they prefer to deal with a follow-up by phone, fax and e-mail. Since phlebotomist come to you, it makes a sort of follow-up may be, “said Binford. Follow-up blood work more often at the beginning of the program, and gradually decreased as the patient is stable.

After the initial visit of the day, the cost is not included in the cost of lab work. If the patient is buying all those supplements and prescription of pharmaceutical Cenegenics, Binford said the monthly cost (factoring in the cost of quarterly) average about $ 800 per month.

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And how successful is the practice, now approaching two years in business? “What I found is that when things get tight economy, interesting people and understand that the essence of life is satisfied in relationships and good health,” said Binford. “A lot of other things can go by the wayside, but if you really feel bad every day, nothing else really makes up for it. So people choose to switch to this practice even in uncertain economic times. ”


24 thoughts on “Costs for the Cenegenics program

  1. Angel Morales

    Seems like an expensive option. Is there a more economical way to have this treatment in the near future? How about a program for an overseas time of 2 months and an in country for the same period? Please advise.


  2. Tony Scotti

    I am just inquiring to learn more about cenegenics overall. I currently know nothing about what cenegenics is, the process involved, the cost and or the positives and negatives of the treatment.


    Tony Scotti

  3. Jerid Ruddy

    I’m a 33 year old man,which is in good health. I’m really in to fitness and eating healthy.
    I would like to know if cenegenics is something I could purchase, or would I be considered to young.

  4. Warren Lau

    I’m now currently residing in Malaysia and I would like to have access to your Cenegenic ‘ age management therapy’ including purchasing HGH, DHEA, Testoterone Replacement Hormone. Please advise.



  6. Carol Weatherspoon

    I would like to know if insurance is accepted for the blood work?
    I am interested in the program, but I am dirt poor, over weight, and I hate myself.

  7. Fred Milstein

    Can I get either a paper copy or a printer friendly version of your Patient Guide? I like to highlight and annotate what I’m reading,

  8. gregory begin

    are the prescription drugs that are prescribed habit forming or not?.
    Can you get off of them without difficulty?


    I’m writing to see if you would do some proboneo work with me. Im 47 and a good 50to70 lbs over weight, and want to loose it . I have blood work and my DR.can wright me what you recommend. I look young for my age and would be willing to do some commercial work. Hope to hear from you. ALLEN 206 747-3032

  10. jim knaefler

    I have been contemplating your service for I believe literally at least several years!
    Because time is not on my side, I feel I must commit ASAP to not lose any more!
    Please direct me to the steps necessary to move forward.
    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    Jim K

  11. Bob

    They are fake, fraudulent, scam. They use steroids and testosterone on every one. Get tested by primary physicain and if low testosterone, any physician will replace hormone if indicated, at 1/10th of the price, they are charging. They should be ashamed and incarcerated. Once you get in their program, you have to sign all the consents , so that no way to challenge them. Be careful, stay away from scam.

  12. John D. Keeling

    I am 77years old I was on a program with a doctor in Florida and taking HGH and testosterone. The results were spectacular. However due to financial constraints I was unable to continue. So how do I get started again?

  13. Michael.G. Daniel

    About time some product comes by that will do away with fear of aging and death. I am happy about this news and would like to know more.I’m a senior citizen too..



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